5 Things That Can Happen If You Stop Shampooing Your Hair

The no-shampoo movement has been all the rage for the last few years, and the positive effects are well documented by beauty bloggers and believers alike. But just like everything else, there are some negatives intertwined with the positives, and the majority of them are not pretty.

Before you join in on the no-poo movement, here’s what you need to know.

1. Your hair can fall out.

Uh Oh
Seriously. When there’s too much product build-up, your hair is weighed down, which can lead to an increased risk of hair loss. It sucks I know, especially when you feel like you’re losing a ton of hair when you get out of the shower, but washing your hair can actually encourage it to grow. Massaging your head mid-poo promotes hair growth because it stimulates your scalp and encourages blood circulation. Not to mention there’s a ton of hair loss shampoos, which you obviously you can’t use those if you’re not washing your hair.

2. Your hair will start to smell.


You know when you don’t take a shower, then head to the gym and sweat like a mofo? And then you smell until you lather up your loofah with some strawberry body wash? Well just like your body, your scalp has oil and sweat glands, and when they’re not properly washed, they start to reek.

3. Your scalp could become engulfed by ingrown hairs.


Thought those were only destined for bikini lines? Think again. If you’re not washing your hair on a regular basis, oil and product starts to build up and can clog your pores. The longer you go without thoroughly washing your hair, the easier it is for your pores to clog up and ingrown hairs to take over.

4. Your hair will start to look thinner.

When oil builds up, your hair starts to get weighed down. Yes, those who were graced with naturally thick locks can get away with this a bit better than those who have finer hair, but either way, the same result will eventually come through: your hair will start to look thinner. And let’s be honest — no one wants that.

5. Your hair will start to look dull.

The best way to attract dust is to let oil build up in your hair. Sure, it sounds relatively harmless at first, but the overall effect is what really sucks. Dust particles have the ability to take away any natural shine your hair might have, and since dirty hair also tends to be drier, it doesn’t reflect light as much. Which means your hair could end up looking like straw rather than the silky, smooth look we’re all fighting for.

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