When Does ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Come Back For Season 7B?

Doesn’t it feel like forever since we’ve caught up with the antics of the Pretty Little Liars? So much happened the last time we saw everyone (of course). It was almost too crazy, even for Pretty Little Liars. Here’s a quick recap.

We got the fallout from Hanna kidnapping Noel, thinking him to be A.D. Then, there was even more craziness when the Liars were trapped in the now rundown Joseph Lloyd King School for The Blind. It was a total house of horrors in there with Noel and Jenna going after all of the Liars. Noel met a very disgusting fate and Spencer’s survival was up in the air after getting shot. In the midst of all of this, Mary Drake was revealed to be Spencer’s mother, which seriously blew our minds.

There were also so many relationship moments between all of our favorite Rosewood couples. Spencer not only shared a goodbye with Toby as he started to take off for Maine, but the two also shared a goodbye kiss (!!!!!). We thought that things for Aria and Ezra were going to heat up again but that wasn’t exactly the case. As Aria worried about Ezra’s whereabouts after he went on his flight, she found out that he decided to stay where he was. Ezra was caught on camera embracing a newfound Nicole and everything was filmed for Aria to unfortunately see as she looked to her TV. Emily and Ali shared a tender moment after Ali shared her pregnancy news… which Emily’s girlfriend Paige didn’t appreciate. Hanna and Caleb reunited and at least one couple is on good terms (for now).

We’re dying to find out what happens with the Liars and especially whether Spencer survives her ordeal. We’ll have to wait until Pretty Little Liars returns. Read on to find out when the show comes back!

When Does Pretty Little Liars Return for (Final) Season 7B?

Date: April 18, 2017
Channel: Freeform
Cast: Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, Janel Parrish

How To Catch Up On Pretty Little Liars Before The Premiere

It’s a little while until we get a new episode of Pretty Little Liars. In the meantime, here’s how you can catch up on the series so that you’re all ready for the latter half of season 7 to premiere. You can catch up on the latest episodes in season 7 on Freeform. Just input your associated cable provider’s information (such as Verizon, Xfinity, and Dish) and you’re on your way to watching the episodes. You can also catch up on older episodes of the show conveniently through your Netflix subscription.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Spoilers

Don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled for the upcoming episodes of Pretty Little Liars! According to US Weekly, Paige is here to stay and Wren is coming back. That could spell some awkwardness for Emily and Spencer (if she makes it!). There are plans for us to find out who Charlotte’s father is and how Spencer came to be part of the Hastings family. The most excting news is that there will be more than one wedding during the latter half of the season! Our money’s on Hanna and Caleb being one of the couples for sure. Maybe Aria and Ezra will also be heading down the aisle? We’ll definitely be tuning in to find out.

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