7 Online Shopping Websites You Should NEVER Buy From

As something of an online shopping addict, I totally understand the urge to splurge on those gorgeous pair of leather booties or that perfect little black dress. However, there are some online shopping deals that are just too good to be true. In recent months, thousands have fallen victim to online retail scam and fraud websites, many of which are based in China and advertise using stolen images on Facebook. We get it, by offering on-trend, beautifully-made (or so they appear) clothes at an insane (only because it’s a total scam) discount these phony retailers appeal to your budget-savvy, yet fashion-forward mindset. But make no mistake, these deals are a myth, as many burned shoppers continue to share their horror stories of receiving over-sized garbage bags of dresses, shirts made of plastic and necklaces that are literally falling apart.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Justin Lavelle communications director for online background check platform BeenVerified says buyers must beware. “There are many overseas clothing companies today offering [what they advertise as] gorgeous and trendy clothes for next to nothing,” he says. “They show images of the clothes on models that look amazing. But what you see on their site and what you get are usually two different things—cheap fabrics, unrealistic sizing, and impossible returns and refunds.” Lavelle recommends sticking with trusted retailers based in the United States, even if it’s going to cost you a little extra. Trust us, saving yourself from the hassle and the frustration is well worth the price.

Check out our list of 7 online shopping scams (but beware, there are many more out there) you should avoid at all costs.

1. FashionMia.com

2. DressLily.com

3. BeckyDress.com

4. Rosegal.com

5. TwinkleDeals.com

6. Wish.com (As in, you’re going to wish you never spent your money here)

7. Zaful.com

Stay savvy, ladies!

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