Top 5 Affordable & Adorable Holiday Gifts

Christmas doesn’t have to bankrupt your checking account. It might feel like you’re buried under the rising costs of finding perfect gifts for your family and friends, especially if you’re working with a college student’s budget, but the holidays are supposed to be happy. If you’re not feeling up for making homemade gifts, instead you can stay on budget with some wallet-friendly finds.

We’re all for the mantra, “it’s the thought that counts,” so we feel pretty ok about the fact that all of these holiday gifts are less than $10. Whether you literally have $5 to your name or are trying to turn $20 into gifts for your whole friend group, we’ve got you. You’ll have money left over if you trust us on this gift guide.

And don’t worry, even though these items are budget-friendly, your loved ones (hopefully!) won’t know that you cheaped out big time. Here, five of our top picks for budget-friendly gifts.

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