How To Succeed According To Blair Waldorf

It’s the ninth anniversary of Gossip Girl, which means it has been almost a decade since the show first aired. We’re celebrating by handing you some life advice from Blair Waldorf to inspire you as the new year looms upon us. When you think of Gossip Girl, it’s impossible not to think of the beloved Blair. She redefined what it meant to be a #girlboss and has proved that you can really have it all.

Forget about all the ‘when life gives you lemons’ quotes, because who you should really be listening to is Queen B herself. Still need convincing?

While most characters glow up after season one, she’s always straight up glowed. Of course, being insanely wealthy always helps. While she, too has been a victim of karma, it has never taken her too long to get back on her feet. She has never ceased to be the Blair Waldorf we know and love. So, if you’re to take anything away from Gossip Girl, it’s that no one does life better than Blair. Here are ten of the lessons that she’s taught us.

1. Don’t be afraid to assert some dominance… or a lot of it.


2. Never listen to anyone who says your standards are too high.


3. Always be self-aware. Don’t ever let anyone think that they know you better than you do.

5. Don’t depend on others to help you find yourself.


6. Friends won’t always be there, but rosé will.Blair

7. Be a doer, not a whiner.Blair

8. It never hurts to speak in a bit of third-person. It’ll boost your confidence and you’ll feel way more important.Blair

9. Love fearlessly… or love fear. Either way.Blair

10. There’s not enough time in the day for subtlety.Blair

There you have it, the keys to success. It might just take a couple of messy breakups, some psychological warfare, a few catfights, a broken heart and many martinis to get there but it’s worth it. While we’ll have to accept that no one does Blair Waldorf better than Blair Waldorf, we applaud ourselves for our attempts. Now if only we could get our own Chuck Bass.
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