Jonah Hill Appears Shaken Up, But Unhurt After Scary Car Accident

Jonah Hill was lucky to walk away from a nasty car accident that occurred this Saturday in Los Angeles, California.

The incident, which occurred on Hooper Avenue and 17th Street in downtown L.A. and involved his black Audi and another black sedan, left his car totaled and on a trailer likely headed to an auto repair shop. Photos of the scene obtained by TMZ, show the actor looking pretty badly shaken up after getting out of the car and surveying the damage. The celebrity news outlet also reported that the 32-year-old actor also had a friend with him in the car at the time.

Thankfully, none of the parties involved in the accident appeared to be seriously injured and Hill was able to walk away from the scene without needing attention from medical services. Hill’s car was badly dented on the one side and the airbags were deployed, although the exact cause of the crash remains unknown.

After dealing with the police , Hill and his friend called an Uber and headed out from the scene of the crash.

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