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iHeart Radio Pulls Radio Interview of DJ Mueller Defending Himself Against Taylor Swift Groping Allegations

Taylor Swift & David Mueller Photos


Did Taylor Swift sway iHeartRadio into removing an interview with the man she accused of groping her during a pre-concert meet-and-greet?

DJ David Mueller spoke out against the Taylor Swift sexual assault allegations for the first time on iHeart’s “Mojo in the Morning” radio show this past Tuesday. So far, it has been his only opportunity to defend himself publicly against the charges brought on him by T-Swift. Mueller painted himself as a pretty sympathetic figure and claimed that any┬átouching of Swift was completely accidental and unintentional.Now, that very interview has since disappeared from the station’s website without a single trace and many are saying Swift herself is responsible, according to TMZ.

Apparently, after the interview was posted to the website the “Mojo” team got a call from Taylor’s people, who demanded that it be taken down. All this in order to preserve a good working relationship between T-Swift and iHeartRadio, considering that she is a regular at iHeart shows. iHeart reps deny that Taylor had anything to do with it, but since the interview was recorded and posted online it will live on.

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