The Best Dating Advice We’ve Learned From Each ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Member

All of the current and former SURvers of Vanderpump Rules have had some kind of romantic involvement with one (or two… or many) of their co-workers. That’s part of what makes the dynamic of the group so dramatic. It’s also pretty crazy, which is totally par for the course on the show.

Vanderpump Rules Dating Advice

Our faves have all had their fair share of relationship drama over the past five seasons of Vanderpump Rules and we’ve definitely learned a lot from them. Hopefully, they’ve learned these lessons too. Here’s just some of the dating advice that the cast has taught us.


Vanderpump Rules Stassi

Stassi’s relationship with Jax is basically a cautionary tale for us all. When you find out that your boyfriend cheated on you, cut the cord on that relationship immediately. Realize how fabulous you are and move on with someone who won’t cause drama for you at your place of work.


Vanderpump Rules Dating Advice

Kristen and James were definitely not meant to be. The contentious twosome taught us how not to behave in a relationship. What we’ve learned from Kristen is that you gotta stick up for yourself, especially when your ex-boyfriend spits on your door.


Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor

Oh, Jax. I think the main advice we’ve learned from Jax is to just be honest with your significant other. Otherwise, you will completely ruin your relationship and end up with someone like Laura Leigh. Yikes.


Vanderpump Rules Dating Advice

Katie and Tom Schwartz aren’t the best communicators but they’ve still come a long way from their relationship troubles in the earlier seasons of the show. Just take it from her, bad communication in a relationship doesn’t lead anywhere good. It could even lead to your boyfriend making the poor choice of throwing a drink on you after an argument.

Tom Schwartz

Vanderpump Rules Dating Advice

Speaking of said boyfriend, Tom Schwartz has learned a thing or two after pouring a drink all over his girlfriend, aka Tequila Katie. It’s super smart to take a step back and think before you act, especially during an argument with your significant other. Tom learned that piece of advice the hard way after the aforementioned incident.

Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules Dating Advice

Like Stassi, Tom Sandoval knew enough to end a bad thing, i.e. his relationship with Kristen. He stood up for himself and ended up finding love with Ariana. Their relationship is built on trust and seems like one of the healthiest out of all of the Vanderpump Rules couples.


Vanderpump Rules Dating Advice

Um, we have to disagree there, James. The DJ may be more similar to Jax than he’d like to admit. He definitely needs to be more honest in his relationships.┬áDon’t argue with your significant other at work… There’s some advice for everybody.

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