Zendaya’s Secret to Perfectly Highlighting Her Cheekbones Costs Only $5

Zendaya’s makeup always looks flawless, and now, thanks to her new mobile app we’re getting the inside scoop on her beauty, makeup and skincare routines.

The latest game-changer comes from a recent post, in which Zendaya reveals the secret behind her effortless, absolutely perfect highlight. We’ve always wondered: how is it possible to achieve such a natural, yet standout cheekbone highlight?

Drumroll, please…

It’s Aquaphor! At just $5 a jar, this affordable, accessible drugstore staple can easily find its way into your beauty cabinet or makeup bag. According to Zendaya, the cheap healing ointment also doubles as a highlight primer. “I dab Aquaphor where I want my highlight to be,” she writes in the post. “Then I put my highlighter on top and boom!”

But the magic of Aquaphor doesn’t stop there. Zendaya reveals that she also uses it on her lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, and pimples. Thanks for the hot tip, Zendaya, we’re now running to the drugstore to load up on every jar and tube we can get our hands on.

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