YouTube Prank Goes Too Far When Girlfriend Tries to Convince Boyfriend She Was Murdered

Did a popular YouTube channel cross the line in their recent video? Yes, some commenters say.

De’arra and Ken 4 Life are a widely followed couple with a channel on YouTube that are best known for playing hilarious pranks on each other. Their video “Dead Girlfriend Prank” has some viewers wondering if the De’arra crossed the line for coming up with the idea and whether or not the couple should have posted the video in the first place.

The prank, in which De’arra makes it look like their house has been broken into and lies on the floor covered in fake blood, quickly gained over 10 million views. There has been quite a debate surrounding the video ever since, with some viewers admitting jealousy that they didn’t think of it first and others who feel it should never have even been attempted. Many also wonder whether or not Ken was in on the prank beforehand, considering his reaction was pretty calm and laid back. We’re leaning towards the side that argues the prank probably went a little too far, but we also definitely think it was set up. No way a loving boyfriend wouldn’t have a complete hysterical breakdown upon seeing his “murdered” girlfriend on the bathroom floor. What do you think?

Check out the controversial prank video below.

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