Bella Hadid Says She Eats A Grilled Cheese Everyday

If you ever wondered what a supermodel eats, Bella Hadid has your back. The 20-year-old model who recently walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gave fans a sneak peak of her diet on Snapchat yesterday and had some pretty great news to share with us normies: she eats a grilled cheese every single day.

While she might not be eating it because she’s low on funds until her next paycheck and it’s literally the only thing she can afford (guilty!), her impeccable palette is still something to admire. Check out the glorious evidence:

Bella Hadid Snapchat Diet


Damn, those fries look amazing. And that cheese doesn’t even look expensive! It looks like it came straight out of those plastic Kraft packets we’ve grown to love. It also goes to show you that you can really eat whatever you want if you just go to the freakin’ gym.

While we’re surprised she’s managed to look like that and eat this everyday, this isn’t the first time Hadid expressed her love for junk food; Her Instagram account is basically a tribute to pizza.

Bella Hadid everyone — she’s just like us.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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