This Woman Turned Her Fridge Into A Wine Dispenser, AKA Our Dream Appliance

We don’t have to tell you that 2016 has been a sh*tty year — you’ve seen it yourself firsthand — but throughout these long 12 months, there have been glimpses of hope, and we might have just seen the brightest one yet.

Meet Clare, a woman we only know through Twitter, but aspire to be. Why? Because she’s a genius who turned her fridge into a wine dispenser. The 28-year-old digital marketeer recently purchased a home in London with her boyfriend and had the brilliant idea of turning water into wine, something we wish we knew about on January 1, 2016. Check it out:

My adult life just peaked

— Clare (@iliketweet) December 11, 2016

“We ordered the fridge and Joe said it came with a wine cooler section and I said, ‘Or we could put it in the water dispenser.’ It seemed to make perfect sense,” Clare told Buzzfeed in a recent article.

Hell yeah it seemed like perfect sense! It’s literally the only thing that’s made sense this year! Clare also added that the hack worked “perfectly,” and based on those photos, we totally agree. Her genius idea has since gone viral, with more than 68,000 retweets and 180,000 likes, and tweeters’ responses are just as brilliant.

omg omg. GENIUS!!!! Xx

— Sophie (@sophieroseblog) December 11, 2016

You are a goddamn genius! Fridge shopping inbound!

— iheartcosmetics (@Sarahloolaa) December 11, 2016

My fridge also does this and that means you have just saved 2016

— #1 China Cup fan (@BenDudley010) December 11, 2016


— Lily Kitten (@LilyKitten1) December 11, 2016

@sophie_etc_ ok this is an epic idea!!!

— Rosie (@naturally_rose) December 11, 2016

I wish to be you when I become an adult. I am 39.

— whokickedthegateopen (@whokickedit) December 12, 2016

we're fucking doing it!!! (If it works that is)

— Jane (@HannahH0yles) December 11, 2016

We second that, Jane. Wine night at our house? Everyone’s invited!

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