GrubHub Reveals Most-Ordered Foods Of 2016 & Now All We Want Is Takeout

If there’s one thing that brings unanimous joy to just about everyone, it’s ordering food. Whether you prefer Chinese takeout or giant burgers with everything on them, receiving your delivery brings an unparalleled satisfaction. And GrubHub just proved how much we like to eat our feelings.

The takeout service just did a thorough review of the 2016 food trends based on what people ordered. Comfort food definitely took the top few spots in terms of popular orders, with pizza nowhere on the list. And while some major cities are in the same state or are close by, it doesn’t mean they order the same stuff. But most of all, these numbers prove just how much people love ordering out! Check out the stats below:

Top 5 Most Popular Orders of 2016

Grubhub food trends 2016


1 – Mac & Cheese: Orders for this cheesy classic spiked a whopping 373% this year. Honestly, we’re not that surprised; it’s been a terrible year and there’s something about cheese that is just so comforting.

2 – Chicken & Waffles: These spiked 234% in 2016. Why indulge in one when you can have both?

3 – Ramen: It’s pretty close with #2, with orders going up 223% this year. It’s a pretty satisfying meal without the greasiness of a fast food burger.

4 – Fried Chicken: America loves its chicken, even without waffles. The calls for fried chicken spiked 218% in 2016.

5 – Oxtail: Not even kidding here. Apparently, the tail of a cow makes for a good takeout dinner. As if 2016 could get any weirder.

Top 5 Projected Trends for 2017

Grubhub food trends 2016


1 – Tamales: Mmmm, yes please. We could all use more tamales in our lives.

2 – Poke: Raw fish was already popular, thanks to sushi, but the rise of poke could make for a new foodie trend in the future.

3 – Brisket: Though not as well-known as beef, brisket is making itself more known in the US.

4 – Tater Tots: Dude, let me have some of your tots. No, seriously, potatoes are always okay in my stomach.

5 – Pho: This Vietnamese noodle dish is filling and delicious!

Top 10 Orders Based on Major City

Grubhub food trends 2016


1 – San Francisco: Carne asada burritos

2 – New York: Barbacoa tacos

3 – Denver: Fried pickles

4 – Houston: Chile con queso

5 – Las Vegas: Garlic naan

Grubhub food trends 2016


6 – Los Angeles: Spicy scallop roll

7 – Seattle: Vegetarian samosas

8 – Washington D.C.: Chana Masala

9 – Atlanta: Sweet potato fries

10 – Miami: Jerk chicken

More Fun Facts

Grubhub food trends 2016


This year’s largest order involved 120 tacos, 5 orders of guacamole, 10 orders of chips & salsa, and 15 orders of rice & beans. We sincerely hope it wasn’t all for one person, but we also wouldn’t put it past the customer.

One customer apparently ordered 751 meals on Grubhub. We’d like to meet this person and shake their hand. And also find out what kind of job allows them to order basically twice a day for a year.

Mobile orders pretty much meant “to-go” which makes sense. The most popular mobile orders involved pizza rolls, bacon and cheese sandwiches. Just as long as they didn’t touch their phone screens before washing their hands!

We’re seriously craving some takeout now. See the full results here! Did your order make it at the top? Let us know below!

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