Your Guide To Healthy Holiday Drinks

It’s so easy to gain weight during the holidays. Whether it’s your mom’s fully-stocked fridge or late-night trips to McDonald’s with your high school besties, winter break can quickly become filled with unnecessary calories and unwanted weight gain.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this is by monitoring what you drink. Just think about it–heavy eggnog, super sweet cider and sugary cocktails are a festive trifecta for making your jeans too tight. Of course, we realize that spending extended periods of time with your family and reminiscing about high school memories calls for booze, so we’re not totally opposed to drinking.

Instead, we have a bunch of easy tips that will make getting buzzed guilt-free and delicious.

1. Lighten up eggnog

Eggnog is SUPER rich…and one glass can have as much as 400 calories. If you’re drinking store-bought ‘nog, try cutting it with non-fat milk. You’ll still get that classic flavor, but without all the heaviness.

2. Swap seltzer for soda

I love to top off holiday punches and sangria with citrusy soda, but seltzer has zero calories (or chemicals). Use 100% fruit juice, honey, or agave nectar if you still need a little sweetness. Try mixing equal parts cranberry-apple juice, lime seltzer, and vodka for a festive, low-cal cocktail you can feel good about.

3. It’s all about the spices

One of the best parts about the holidays is that everything smells so freaking good! Whether it’s your pine-y Christmas tree, the holiday cupcakes in the oven, or your aunt’s mulled wine, there are lots of scents we associate with the holidays. Instead of adding tons of sugar to cocktails, try upping their actual flavor–double up on cinnamon for apple cider, rim a savory margarita with flavored sea salt, or add other seasonal herbs (we’re thinking rosemary) to basic mojitos.

4. Take a shot

Yep–shots are often the most calorie-efficient way to get your buzz on. When you eliminate the mixer, you eliminate A LOT of added sugar. Toast to the season with peppermint schnapps or Fireball–and get creative with garnishes so your whole family will want to try! We’re thinking mini candy canes, sprigs of thyme, or skewered cranberries.

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