When It Comes To Sex, This Is What Guys Are Most Insecure About

When you really sit and think about it, sex is weird AF, especially when it’s with someone new. Obviously the actual consensual act is great for all parties (most of the time, at least), but hooking up with a new person can be pretty intimidating and there’s never a shortage of awkward moments. While I’ve fallen victim to replaying such moments over and over again in my head, I’ve also assumed that I was the only party who was insecure about them. But thanks to a recent Reddit thread, I’ve learned that guys are just as likely to become prone to insecure moments during sex as women are.

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More than 200 guys responded back to the question, “When it comes to sex, what do you find yourself feeling most insecure about?” and their answers were pretty surprising. Who knew all that talk about their d*ck size was actually just a way to cover up their insecurity about the actual size?

Get inside the male psyche and check out their answers below.


“Do I really know what I’m doing in missionary? I don’t have amazing hips nor glutes.” – gobigred3562

“Lasting long enough. I try to pace myself but sometimes stuff doesn’t go as planned.” – i_heart_blondes

“The first few times. There’s so much pressure that I barely last more than a minute or two. It’s only the first few times and if I’m really into the girl. Otherwise I have a hard time finishing.” – keanex

“I have the opposite problem, I last too long. Every girl iv been with has complained(or cried) about this problem of mine. And when I’m like ‘Body today you wont last as long,’ it makes me last longer because of stress.” – cokeiscool

Their Junk

“Getting/maintaining an erection which in turn makes me stressed about it and therefore the problem gets bigger.” – adde731

“I haven’t had sex in quite some time and I don’t think I’ll know wtf I’m doing with a new person.” – LegateDamar

“Peyronie’s disease. My wife broke my penis during sex, and now it’s crooked, I don’t get hard as easily as I used to, and it hurts when I get hard. I can’t afford surgery, and they tell me it might fix itself anytime between 6months-3 years. Sh*t sucks.” – Dont_Shred_On_Me

Their Partner

“I’m constantly obsessed with wanting her to orgasm. To the point that even though I think she came, I have to ask her to make sure.” – Ingenium21

“‘Is she doing this just to make me happy and is she actually enjoying it?’ We have extremely different libidos and there are many times where I try to initiate something and she just doesn’t have it. She then “feels bad” which in turn makes me feel like an idiot for getting turned on, attempting to make a move and her not do anything.” – StovetopLuddite

“Occasionally I feel that my girlfriend’s ex may have been better in bed than me.” – PacSan300

“I usually can’t come from sex, and am worried my girlfriend thinks it’s her fault. I love her like crazy, and think she’s super attractive, but I’ve never once been able to come. And no, I don’t frequently masturbate, so that’s not it. I masturbate less than once per week.” – AverageSizedPvPnis

“Whether or not I’m worth talking to after the fact.” – Durgan

Their Body

“Ugly stretch marks on my skin. Gotta keep the lights off and keep my t-shirt on when the lights are on.” – ButterBoobs

“My nipples are huge what if she makes fun of them.” – captainfrobie

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