These Men Revealed What Women Have Done To ‘Emasculate’ Them

Dating can be tricky. Feelings are easily hurt, overanalyzing is practically a staple in the dating mental process and eventually saying something offensive is inevitable. However, obviously when you love someone, you make a serious effort to forgo these issues. Why would you want to hurt someone you love or make them feel insecure? We have no idea, but according to these guys, those comments will not be forgotten.

A bunch of guys were asked what their girlfriends/ex-girlfriends have said or done to make them feel emasculated, and their responses are straight-up brutal. To be blunt, these women were savage, but on the other hand, some of their responses were surprising.

Check out what they had to say and make a mental not to never say these things on a date.

Taylor Swift

“Rolling a condom down on me and said ‘I bet you didn’t know there is a bar code at the end when you roll it all the way down.’ My wife is cruel” – Terribledragon4Hire.

“My ex was much bigger, but you’re more comfortable.” – monkeywelder

“If I was attracted to you you’d be the perfect boyfriend.” – Changes4175

“Yes, you’re small and scrawny. Tbh I kind of like that. It makes me feel less intimidated around you” – ThePewterPeenor

“Her: no sex until we’re married. Has sex with another guy a week after we break up.” – long3hat1

“My ex called me a twig because I’m skinny. F*ck you. She was my girlfriend at the time so I’ll give her some wiggle room. But in general, girls seem to think it’s ok to comment on men’s weight to their face, but if it’s the other way around… oh boy.” – SPAGHETTI_NIPS

“I would have treated you better if I knew you would leave me.” – halcyonson

“My ex took this as sport. It was like her primary hobby. My list could go on for days, read to you in shifts. I think the real stand-out moment was when I bought a house, and she invited her hyper masculine typically shirtless farmboy pal over to do home improvements on my f*cking house.”  – theSchmoozer

“Penis called cute.” – outline01

“‘Why can’t I find someone as great as you?’… but not me, because I’m great, but not great enough to date, apparently.” – vey323

“Always thinking I wouldn’t be able to pick her up. I’m not the biggest guy out there, but stop thinking I’m going to fall apart lifting more than 20 pounds.” – jacobmo

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