8 Christmas Movies To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

There are so many reasons to fall in love with this time of year: holiday decor, holiday parties, holiday sales, etc. But, really, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few Christmas movies.

Let us help you ring in the holiday season with eight Christmas movies that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Whether this is more of a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie is debatable, but regardless of where you stand on that issue, you should watch this Tim Burton classic for the simple fact that it’s proof that even the darkest of souls can find joy in the spirit of the holiday season. Plus, not much can top the film’s soundtrack.

2. Elf


You should never pass up the opportunity to watch Will Ferrell wander around New York City in an elf costume. Ferrell plays Buddy, an “elf” at the North Pole who one day realizes that he’s human (because of his size) and travels to the concrete jungle of New York City to find his biological father. His journey through the real world goes about as well as you’d imagine.

3. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Before Taylor Momsen was giving Blair Waldorf constant headaches as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, she was Cindy Lou Who, a six-year-old girl who thought that the spirit of Christmas in the Christmas-happy town of Whoville was lost… and she was actually kind of right. Too bad it took a few hilarious encounters with the Grinch, an antisocial green creature who loathes everything about Christmas, for the entire town to realize it.   

4. Home Alone


Do you remember the first time you were left home alone? Surely your family didn’t accidentally leave you behind as they traveled to Paris for the holidays. That’s what happens to Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), a preteen boy who quickly (and hilariously) realizes that being left home alone isn’t as fun as it seems, especially when that involves rigging your house with booby traps to fight off would-be burglars.

5. The Santa Clause


Let’s be real: Santa probably has one of the hardest jobs in the world. The thought of having to deliver Christmas presents to every household in the world in 12 hours or less sounds stressful AF, which is likely why Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) isn’t too thrilled when he learns that he’s being tapped to take over for St. Nick after accidentally causing him to fall off of his roof on Christmas Eve. Scott’s journey to convincing the world that he’s the real Santa Claus is not one to miss this Christmas.  

6. The Polar Express


If only a magical train that takes us all the way to the North Pole on Christmas Eve actually existed. Unfortunately, the Polar Express isn’t a train that we can board IRL yet. So, until then, we’ll just have to settle for watching the animated movie version about a boy who travels to the North Pole after admitting that he’s not too sure about that guy Santa Claus’ existence. We’ll just throw out there that the film features a young Tinashe, if Tom Hanks as a conductor isn’t incentive enough for you to watch.

7. Jingle All the Way


After watching Arnold Schwarzenegger go through hell and high water just to get his son an action figure that’s sold out across the country as a Christmas present, make sure you thank your mom and dad for everything they do for you.

8. This Christmas


Watch as side-splitting hijinks plague a family for their first time getting together for the holidays in several years. The film features the always-delightful Idris Elba trying to escape some financial issues, Chris Brown realizing that–gasp–he can sing, and Regina King finding a hilarious solution to a problem with her cheating husband.

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