Man Found Dead Near Miranda Cosgrove’s Hollywood Hills Home

An unidentified man was found dead late Friday night just a few houses down from Miranda Cosgrove’s home in the Hollywood Hills.

According to TMZ, law enforcement officials were called around 11pm on Friday to Outpost Street, which is home to a slew of other celebrities, as well. When the cops arrived to the scene, they found a man dead and engulfed in flames. After the Los Angeles Police Department were able to put the fire out, they recovered ammo and a gun that was found next to the body. The man is believed to have committed suicide, although the police will still be interviewing anyone who may have witness the incident.

The 23-year-old iCarly star lived just doors down from where the man’s body was found. Charlie Hunnam even happened to pass by the crime scene while on a walk late in the evening. Now that’s what we call a celebrity-packed street. Cosgrove has not released any comment, official or on social media, as to what took place so near her home.

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