7 Ways to Make Sure Your Relationship Survives The Holidays

The holiday season is undeniably one of the most stressful times of the years and the brunt of that stress is statistically proven to fall on your relationship, meaning that during the winter months you’re almost twice as likely to break up with your significant other. But with these simple, easy-to-follow dating tips, you and your partner can get through the holidays without a relationship-ending fight or meltdown.

Check out our holiday dating survival guide below, your relationship will thank us come January.

1. Put your own family first

During the holiday season, spending time with your own family should come first and foremost. The older you get, and the more serious your relationship becomes, the more difficult it will be to hang on to that precious family time with your parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Naturally, you’ll have to juggle a little bit when it comes to spending time with your partner’s family (which should be fun, too!), but never forget that this is the time of the year to catch up on time the time you missed out on during the craziness of the rest of the year with your own family.

2. But make time for your relationship, as well

That being said, it’s essential to put aside special time for you and your partner, as well. Nobody likes to feel neglected during the holidays, so plan a special date night here and there (and don’t cancel it!) with your partner and make them feel that they have your complete, uninterrupted attention during that time.

3. Set boundaries, and make sure to respect them

This is especially important when it comes to giving gifts. In order to avoid someone feeling like their gift was a total flop, or way cheaper than the gift you bought for them, set a price limit on gifts that both of you will be comfortable with. Trust us, this will save you a big headache when it comes time to open presents.

4. Try to laugh about the things that go wrong

During the holiday season, almost nothing goes to plan. So when something goes wrong, try and remember what the holiday season is all about: spending quality time with the people you love and having fun. If you burn the cookies in the oven or can’t seem to find that perfect holiday party dress, just take a breath and try to laugh about the things that go wrong.

5. Make time for yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants to do during the holidays, between parties, dinners and family time. So this time of year, set aside some relaxing alone time for yourself. Pick up a book you’ve always wanted to read, take a luxurious bubble bath or cozy up in bed for a good old fashioned Netflix marathon.

6. Manage expectations, for both you and your partner

When it comes to gifts, date nights or how your partner might be received by your crazy Uncle Timmy, it’s important to manage expectations. Chances are you’re not going to go on a weekend ski getaway in Aspen or dine at one of the top restaurants in town, but if you get to make a few happy memories with your partner at a local pizza joint, remember that that in itself is enough. This time of year, don’t lose sight of what’s important.

7. Don’t go crazy on social media 

We all do it. Post an epic Instagram of the expensive gift our parents got us for the holidays to try and show off to our partner, friends and random Instagram likers. But remember that it may make your own partner feel insecure about what they were able to buy you, or it might make your friends just plain old jealous. Either way, don’t be that person on Instagram that everyone secretly hates. Everyone will thank you for it.


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