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One Woman is Suing Ben & Jerry’s, Claiming That Its Ice Cream Causes Mouth Sores

Ben & Jerry's Mouth Sore Lawsuit


One New York City woman was left with a not-so-sweet taste in her mouth after indulging in a carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In fact, the woman claims that the ice cream left her with nasty lesions in her mouth that were so painful she was forced to go the hospital.

According to the unidentified woman, who is now suing the ice cream giants for $500,000 in damages, it was a carton of Ben & Jerry’s Coffee, Coffee, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ that left her in severe “oral discomfort.” She initially complained to the company, who, according to official documents, refunded her the $5.50 for the carton. But after suffering from months of mouth pain and several visits to different doctors, oral surgeons and allergists in multiple failed attempts to get relief, she has decided to go after the company at large. Back in Decembe 2015, she claims to have had surgery to remove “large white tissue” from her mouth, says TMZ. 

Although we’re not exactly sure how ice cream could give someone mouth sores, we’ll most likely be holding off on splurging on Ben & Jerry’s in the near future just to be safe.

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