7 Perfect, No-Frills Gift Ideas For Mom

Every December, I manage to successfully purchase all of my Christmas gifts before finally reaching the last person on my list, my mom. I actually have a note saved on my phone titled “MOM GIFT IDEAS” and I update it throughout the year with presents that I think of and different gift inspiration. Deciding what to get your mom is a nearly impossible quest because you always feel like you are too broke to get her anything she deserves. And what’s worse is whenever you ask her for suggestions, she gives vague and completely false answers like “I don’t need anything” or “I just want to spend time with you.”


Well, I’m calling all of the moms out on their bullshit and making a no-frills list for all of us who think our mothers are worth it. Here are some of the best gift ideas for mom.

1. A hand-written letter

One year in college. my roommate didn’t have the funds to buy gifts and didn’t want to buy her family a bunch of crap that they didn’t need and wouldn’t use. Instead, she purchased beautiful stationary and wrote heartfelt letters to everyone about what they meant to her. It was the most sincere gift I’ve ever witnessed.

2. Tickets to a live show

What mom doesn’t want an excuse to spend more time with you? Check out your community theater for holiday specials this month or download apps like “Today Tix” for discounted Broadway and Off-Broadway tickets to treat your mom for a night out.

3. Fancy coffee or tea

My mom is a huge coffee drinker so every year, I trek to DUMBO, Brooklyn to pick up her favorite roast, which is much more indulgent than the usual Folgers. Nothing beats a practical gift that you already know she will love.

4. A day at the spa

During the holidays, Groupon is my best friend. You can find some great deals on local spas to fit even the smallest of budgets. Give her that relaxing day she’s been hinting at for years.

5. A fresh pair of kicks

Nowadays, my mom wears sneakers almost everywhere. Moms have solidified the athlesiure look, proving that you can be both comfy and stylish at the same time. Put a spring in your mother’s step with a new pair of sneakers that fit her aesthetic and comfort level.

6. Smart phone speakers

Blasting her favorite tunes or listening to an episode of Serial while in the bathtub through clear speakers is a functional tech gift for all the cool moms out there.

7. Fancy wine & chocolate

Because honestly you can’t go wrong with these classics.

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