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The 11 Best Gift Ideas For December Graduates

graduation gift ideas advice tips


It’s graduation season. Your friends are finally about to toss their caps and say goodbye to college life as they know it. Such an exciting time, right? It depends on how you think about it.

If you happen to be a pro at buying gifts, then you don’t have much to worry about. But if you’re one who gets stressed out at the very thought of gift shopping, then it’s your unlucky day. Or maybe not.

Graduation presents have to be some of the easiest presents to buy, partly because all you really have to do is think about what types of items are meaningful enough to your friends and loved ones after they toss their caps. You might not be able to afford buying a brand new car as a graduation present (that’s what mom and dad are for) but you can seek inspiration from a few of the items we’ve listed below.