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The 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girl Who Has Everything

Christmas gift ideas


Now that finals are coming to an end for most of us, it’s time to dive right into an activity that’s equally as stressful: Christmas shopping. How is it that, for some of us who shop on the reg, it’s still so difficult to buy gifts for our loved ones? One of the bigger issues is because of the fact that we know so many people who have, like, everything. So that’s when you must ask yourself: What do you buy a person who already has most of the things that they want?

Allow us to help you shop for the person who has everything with these shopping tips and gift-giving tricks.

1. Money and/or gift cards

In any situation, you really can never go wrong with money, which is why it makes for such a perfect Christmas gift. It takes a bit of the pressure off of you and assures you that, even if you didn’t get your friend exactly what they would’ve wanted, they can, at least use your money to buy it. You can even get more specific by buying them a gift card to one of their favorite stores.

2. Show tickets

Is there a concert coming up in your town that your friend has mentioned wanting to go to? Is there a museum or theater near you that has a pretty interesting show playing for a limited amount of time? Most concert and theater experiences are completely different, which is why show tickets can make for such a perfect gift.

3. Personalized gifts

We like to think that we know our friends and loved ones better than anyone. If that’s the case, why not use this year to buy (or make) your loved one a gift that’s personal to you or a moment you’ve shared with each other? Even if you’re not willing to get super personal, you can still think of all (or one) of the things that they love the most and design your gift around those things.

4. Groupons/class passes/memberships

There are tons of deals offered on Groupon and many of those are class passes for activities happening in your area. Whether you’re looking for dance classes, art classes, cooking classes, or more, a Groupon is the perfect solution when it comes to giving your friend a chance to take a step outside of their bubble and do something they’ve never tried before.

5. Spa days

Because even if your friend has been to a spa before, who would ever turn down another opportunity to spend a day ignoring your responsibilities and relaxing? Yeah, no one.