This Man’s GF Re-Gifted Him a Present From His Own Closet & Other Horrible Last-Minute Gifts

Whether we admit it or not, we’re all guilty of re-gifting presents. Whether it’s to a distant cousin at Christmastime or a last-minute birthday surprise, re-gifting usually stops us from looking like complete assholes. But not always.

Reddit user durpojones started a thread asking others what the worst last-minute gift they ever received was. And they definitely didn’t disappoint. Part of what makes this so cringeworthy is that these people were given awful presents by people who loved them or at least should have known better.

Take user RickDangler. He wrote how “My girlfriend found a barely-used shoe polish kit in the closet and wrapped it and played it off as a new purchase.” Ugh. Barely used? As in not new? As if shoe polish that was already his wasn’t a bad enough gift on its own, the Redditor continues, “It had originally been gifted to me by my ex, and the original birthday note was still tucked in the box…”


Ouch. So amateur and so awful. Pretty sure that calls for an immediate breakup.

Another user, iouoneusername, bemoans his grandmother’s lack of affection. “My grandmother gave me a pineapple, wrapped in newspaper. She told me she didn’t use real gift wrap because it would just take away from the value of the real gift.” He then adds, “That same year my brother got a disk-man from her. She had favorites.” That’s just sad, dude.

Someone responded on this post with their own sad childhood story. “When I was around 7, I remember asking for this particular Barbie set that had a castle and matching carriage,” the user wrote. “Christmas Day arrives, and my sister opens her present from her dad/my stepdad: it’s the Barbie castle I asked for. I open my present from him, and it’s a bar of soap. I was SEVEN. Who gives a 7-year-old a bar of soap for Christmas?!” Uh, seriously? What’s with these parents trying to turn their children into mini-Scrooges?


But wait! There’s more “We later leave to go visit his parents. My sister opens her present from them: it’s the matching Barbie carriage. My present? A pair of socks.” This Grinch-ness literally runs in the family.

But not all the posts on the thread are as Christmas-spirit-crushing as those. Redditor soomuchcoffee posted how “My buddy baked me a cake one time but with one piece missing because he had to ‘make sure it was good.’ Like I knew he was stoned and couldn’t help it, but it was still a pretty endearing bro-on-bro gesture.”

How bromantic.

Worst last-minute gifts


Charlopa24 posts about an intentionally bad gift he gave to a friend rather than the other way around. “I didn’t have any time or cash, so I bought a $2 photo album and photoshopped his face to a bunch of stock photos I found online. Made him laugh for hours,” he explains. Good to know this is a valid gift option…

But our favorite has to be user newtfig’s first gift-giving experience. “I very proudly and with great ceremony presented my mom with a clumsily-wrapped box of tampons – which I’d taken from her bathroom cabinet – in front of all her friends,” he confesses. “4-year-old newtfig had not really gotten the hang of presents yet. 30-year-old newtfig is still living it down.”


A for effort, newtfig. Hopefully you’ve gotten better at giving Christmas presents. As one user commented, “at least they came from the cabinet and not the trash.”

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received or given? Comment below!

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