If You’re Looking For Dating Advice, Look No Further Than Chad Johnson

If you’re a Bachelorette fan, you know exactly who Chad Johnson is. Given the name “Bad Chad” by fans and “villain” by the press, you’d expect him to be a complete ass in nearly every situation he’s in, but when talking to him about his dating life, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the reality star actually has a heart of gold — he just has a really big mouth.

“The fact of the matter is, all of the hatred in the house… Everything all snowballed from me initially calling the other guys out on the fact that they each walked in the door already pretending to be in love with a girl that they knew absolutely nothing about,” he explained, referring to his time on The Bachelorette. “People just have to realize that when cameras are around, none of these people are themselves, they have nothing to talk about, and the only way for them to make themselves seem good is to demonize someone else.”

Thus, Bad Chad was born.

“At first I thought [the nickname] was pretty cool until I realized that some people actually thought I was a terrible person,” he said. “I mean when you have 25 guys who all absolutely hate you, and are trying to ruin your relationship with a potential significant other and get you kicked off of a TV show that could lead to other opportunities, I’d like to think any smart person would want to fight back.”

True that, Chad. So how has his dating life been since the show?

“The one thing I have to deal with now is trying to figure out whether girls like me for what they saw on TV or simply because I was on TV,” he explained. “But I’m currently still living in Oklahoma so I already know everyone here and my dating life hasn’t really been that affected.”

The good news? Johnson is still on the market and knows his way around the dating world. We asked him his thoughts about sex on the first date, f*ckboys and various other situations us singletons face on a daily basis and he certainly delivered. Check it out — and maybe take some notes.

First Dates
“My ideal first date is something simple like appetizers and a couple drinks… If things are going well, I would follow that up with something relaxing like wine on the beach or under the stars. Conversation is very important to me on a first date and I don’t like to bring a lot of activities into the scenario that take away from the whole reason we’re here, which is to have fun and to really get to know each other. On first dates I typically don’t ask a lot of questions about the person’s past, future, goals, or family. I try to pretend that I’m already in a relationship with this person — I just try to find out whether or not I generally like spending time with them.”

Sex on the First Date
“I’m fine with sex on the first date. I think all guys like to feel like the girl wouldn’t have sex on the first date with anyone else and that we’re just so special that she made an exception. One thing for me is, I don’t like it when a girl specifically makes it a point to not have sex until a certain time when I can tell that she wants to have sex already. When you want to have sex, you should just have sex.”

What He Looks For in a Girlfriend
“I look for a girl who’s positive and likes to have fun. I want someone who can wake up everyday and try to make it the best day possible. Obviously someone who is beautiful, and, being that I take care of myself and my body, I also respect a woman who can maintain her health and image.”

“I find that I’m constantly having to deal with the damage these guys have caused women. I guess that’s why on The Bachelorette I said, ‘Stay away from the nice guys.’ It’s always the guy who says exactly what they think you want to hear and act like the friendliest, best guy in the world, who have the worst intentions. I may come off like a jerk sometimes and I may be a straight shooter, but in the end, I’m the type of guy who’s not going to string you along and lie to you. I will tell you straight-up what I want out of the relationship and I will never cheat because if I felt the urge to, then I would just end the relationship.”

Online Dating
“I’ve done online dating and I know quite a few people who have as well. I have met a few girls online that although I am no longer dating, I still remain close friends with. Online dating can work, but you have to read between the lines. Look closely at who they hang with; Are they with family? How are they dressed? What’s their demeanor? A person’s pictures will always tell you far more about them than their bio.”

Biggest Turn-Offs and Turn-Ons
“My biggest turn-offs are a girl who doesn’t smile, someone who’s really negative, someone who can’t carry a conversation, and someone who takes everything too seriously… I mean we’re talking brains covered in skin suits standing on a carbon sphere spinning around a fireball. Biggest turn-on is a confident, positive girl with a great sense of humor… but honestly, a great smile and beautiful eyes does it for me.”

Relationship Rules To Live By
“Most importantly, I always look for a girl who has spent a significant portion of her life being single and spending time with herself. Getting into a relationship with someone who is hopping from one guy to the next is a big no-no and in doing so, you will never know whether she wanted you, or just wanted someone. In order to love someone, you have to first love yourself. I spend a lot of time going to dinner, the movies and the gym by myself because I enjoy spending time with myself. If I choose to bring a girl into my life, it’s because I want — not need — her in my life.”

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