This ‘Nasty Woman’ Shirt Raised Over a Hundred Thousand Dollars For a Good Cause

Nasty Woman shirts donation to Planned Parenthood

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Nasty women get sh*t done, or so the saying goes. Ever since November 8th, our nation has been fiercely divided in many ugly ways. But thousands of women have been unifying through their purchases of oneĀ beloved “Nasty Woman” T-shirt. And those purchases are paying off in a much bigger way.

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At the beginning of the sales, the companyĀ Google Ghost pledgedĀ to giveĀ half of the proceedsĀ to the organization. Even better, they’ll be donated in Donald Trumpā€™s name. On Tuesday, the companyĀ made an exciting announcementĀ on their Instagram that they donated exactly $100,165 to Planned Parenthood, and will be continuing taking orders and donations.

These shirts have been incredibly successful after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the third presidential debate back in October. Since then, the termĀ has been reclaimed by women everywhere to represent success, intelligence and the power to fight back. Men and women of all ages have invested in these shirts, making them a staple in many wardrobes for the next four years. Even Katy Perry and Will Ferrell proudly wear one:

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Between the “Nasty Woman” T-shirts and donations under Mike Pence’s names, Planned Parenthood is findingĀ a lot of financial and emotional support. These shirts also show that those who wear them will never stop fighting for what they truly believe in, no matter what the election results may have been.

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