6 Healthy, Delicious Recipes You Can Make In A Microwave

Dorm life brings with it many challenges, things like shared rooms, communal bathrooms and a lack of household conveniences. You no longer have a giant fridge to store your favorite soda and snacks, let alone an oven for heating up frozen pizza. So what to do?!

It’s inevitable that you’ll get sick of dining hall food, if you haven’t already. My advice is to get creative and maximize the tools that you do have access to. And we’re starting with the most basic appliance of all… the mighty microwave.

Yes, this dorm-safe machine can do a lot more than make popcorn and instant oatmeal. You can actually make healthy, delicious meals, everything from hearty breakfast omelets to savory salmon suppers. Step outside of your cooking comfort zone and try one of these recipes the next time you’re craving something homemade.

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