Who Would Be Your ‘Vanderpump Rules’ BFF Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is simply amazing and all of them are awesome in their very unique ways. We have a feeling that we’d be instant BFFs with some members of the cast. Others? Maybe we’d have to work towards our friendship a bit more. And of course, there are some people we might never get along with, even if we love seeing their drama on TV (That means you, James).

Why do we have that feeling? It all comes down to the zodiac! Everybody has a certain zodiac sign that reflects their personality. Each zodiac sign possesses specific traits that would help in figuring out who you would instantly connect with in the hilarious cast.

Vanderpump Rules Zodiac

So, who would be your work buddy at SUR? Check out who would be your Vanderpump Rules BFF, all based on the power of your zodiac sign!



Kristen from Vanderpump Rules

Aquariuses are independent and a blast to hang out with. They can also be a tad temperamental at times. Anyone who watches the show totally know that this sounds a lot like Kristen. If you’re an Aquarius, you’d hit it off well with her.


Tom Schwartz

Vanderpump Rules Zodiac

You’re definitely going to get along great with Tom Schwartz if you’re a Pisces. This sign is known to be caring and intelligent, just like Tom Schwartz. They’re also known to be a bit fearful sometimes, just like Tom Schwartz and his fear (and/or love) of Lisa Vanderpump.


Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules

Aries tend to be natural leaders and are incredibly confident in their skills. Those strengths could turn into being impulsive if you don’t get a chance to use those natural, self-assured skills, though. That’s a lot like Tom Sandoval. Tom may be the perfect work buddy for you since you both have a fantastic amount of self-confidence.

Taurus, Cancer


Stassi from Vanderpump Rules

Both Taurus and Cancer are similarly passionate, reliable and persuasive just like HBIC Stassi. How else are they like Stassi? The two signs can be stubborn and set in their ways. That explains the birthday drama every year. If you’re a Taurus or a Cancer, the drama wouldn’t faze you and you can definitely party through it with Stassi.



Vanderpump Rules Zodiac

Yep, the White Kanye West is totally going to get along with all of the Geminis. Geminis are incredibly adaptable, witty and musically inclined, like the resident SUR DJ. They can also be all over the place, so much so that you never know what you’re in store for when hanging out with a Gemini. Sounds exaclty like James Kennedy to us.

Leo, Capricorn

Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump Rules Zodiac

You would fit into Lisa Vanderpump’s good graces seamlessly if you’re a Leo or Capricorn. You have a handle on what it takes to be a great leader and are incredibly efficient, just like the RHOBH queen bee herself. Although, you sometimes can be pessimistic and expect the worst from those around you, just like how Lisa has to deal with her SUR workers. You only expect the worst so that you can be on top of things and that would definitely win you over with Lisa!



Katie from Vanderpump Rules

Virgos are known to be loyal, so much so that they shy away from the spotlight. First and foremost, Katie is loyal to all of her true friends. She would admire that sense of loyalty immensely and let you into her friend group.



Scheana from Vanderpump Rules

You’d get along with most of the cast of Vanderpump Rules, much like how Scheana has been the friend of most of the SURvers at one point or another. You and Scheana would be able to have fun with both friend groups and take on that Switzerland role together.



Vanderpump Rules Zodiac

Like Ariana, Scorpios are honest and passionate, sometimes to a fault, as the perfect quote above illustrates. If you’re a Scorpio, Ariana will respect your honesty and candor and totally take you under her wing.



Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor

Jax has us rolling with laughter for days sometimes, so all Sagittariuses can appreciate his sense of humor. Sagittarius is also known for loving their freedom, which can turn into impatience when they aren’t able to be as free as they want. Jax certainly enjoys his freedom, as his antics suggest, and would admire that enough to befriend the free-spirited Sagittariuses of the world.

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