Sam Asghari: 15 Hottest Photos of Britney Spears’ Sexy Boyfriend

Sam Asghari/Instagram

There was only one way to go from Kevin Federline: up. But Miss Britney Spears has truly risen to the top when it comes to mates.

Enter Sam Asghari. He’s tall. He’s dark. He’s handsome. His muscles are bulging. And he knows it. Usually I’d say a guy knowing the high level of his own attractiveness isn’t exactly a great quality, but in this case it means tons of shirtless selfies on Instagram (which means we all win).

Sam is a personal trainer, and in my non-expert opinion, Brit needs someone who is a little bit out of the spotlight.

The¬†duo reportedly first met on the set of Britney’s video for “Slumber Party.” Although they’re not a super serious romance – yet – they’re definitely feeling each other.

And now they’re social media official! Britney recently made an appearance on her bf’s Snapchat recently.

Check out some of Sam’s sexiest photos below – just make sure you’re not drooling too much.

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