This Woman Was Dumped By Her Fiancé Via Text & She Got Sweet Revenge The Day After Christmas

Brenna Clanton was proposed to by her boyfriend in June. The two were huge Dallas Cowboys fans, so to surprise him, she shelled out a ton of money for seats at a home game against the Lions the day after Christmas. Unbeknownst to him, the plan was to stay at an Airbnb nearby and be in the middle of the action come game time. But a week after she bought the tickets, her fiancé broke up with her — via text.

Clanton says she received a text explaining that they had “nothing in common” right after her big purchase. However, despite the breakup and the expert douchebaggery of her ex, she was “absolutely going to go” to the game.

“I was just going to take my best friend instead,” she told the Dallas Morning News. And that she did, along with an epic sign that read “My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas.”

Alex McDaniel, a journalist who was also at the game, spotted Clanton and took a photo of the sign, then posted it on Twitter. It’s since been retweeted over 600 times and liked 1,200. She also got a ton of responses from interested suitors who seem way less douchey than Clanton’s former fiancé.

Reallllyyyy wish we could find out how bad her ex is hurting right now… serves you right, dude!

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