How To Snag A Date In 2017 With The Guy You’ve Been Eyeing Since 2016

For some girls, a New Year’s resolution includes eating healthier, making more time for exercise, getting an A in the toughest class on their schedule or picking up a new language. For others, it means asking out the guy they’ve have had a crush on forever or the cute guy they always *happen to* sit near in the library.


If you fall in the latter camp, but don’t really know how to go about snagging the guy of your dreams, we’ve got you covered. We are all about women making the first move, and in fact, it’s statistically proven to make a guy even more interested in you. Because who doesn’t love confidence, right? Right. So follow these simple, but important steps to land a date with the guy you’ve had your eye on and seize 2017 like the bad b**** that you are!

1. Make sure he’s single

This should be obvious, but definitely make sure the guy you’re crushing on is single before you gather up the courage to ask him out. We’re sure you already know his name by now and with social media, anything is possible. Just make sure you don’t accidentally like one of his Instagram posts from 2013.

2. Be confident

Confidence is key. Know that you are beautiful, fabulous and have plenty to offer any guy who is lucky enough to be in your life. If you struggle with confidence, check out some of this helpful advice about learning how to better yourself and become more confident.

3. Plan what you’re going to say

Before you walk up to him, make sure you have a plan. Come up with a simple, yet direct opening lineā€”it could be as simple as, “Hey, I noticed you were in Biology class” or “I noticed you were reading this book, it’s one of my favorites.” Gauge his response and then go in for the kill. Ask him out for coffee or even a casual dinner. Just don’t go in there with nothing to say, or you might go blank.

4. But don’t overthink it

You shouldn’t spend more than 15 or 20 minutes thinking about what you’re going to say to the guy, otherwise you could find yourself falling into the deadly trap of overthinking it. Keep it simple, straightforward and don’t let doubt or fear get the best of you.

5. If he rejects you, don’t sweat it

If you’ve gone through the effort of asking someone out and they reject you, don’t let it get to you. It’s ok to be disappointed, you’ve been thinking about this for a while, after all. But remember that it’s probably not just meant to be or the timing may not be right. Plus, you have no way of knowing what’s going on his head. Maybe he just had a bad breakup and isn’t ready for another relationship. The point is the rejection probably has nothing to do with you.

6. Don’t make these dating mistakes

When getting into a new relationship, girls (and guys, obviously) often make avoidable mistakes that can end up costing the relationship. Don’t be one of those people. You don’t need to call or text the guy every few hours to see what he’s up to, and shouldn’t expect him to do the same. Also, be careful of stalking someone too much on social media. Let him share what he’s comfortable with first.

7. Before you make a commitment, make sure he makes you happy

With respect to what we just said earlier, it’s important to make sure that this new guy makes you happy and treats you with respect. A week without a text or call to check in probably means he isn’t really interested, nobody is that busy or disconnected these days. As long as you feel satisfied in the relationship, keep things moving forward. If not, let it go.

8. Just relax and enjoy your time together

Relationship, whether they are romantic or friendly, are meant to make you feel happy and fulfilled. So just relax and enjoy the time that you spend with the new man in your life. See how things naturally progress and who knows, you might just have next year’s New Year’s Eve kiss already on the books.

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