Everything We Said Goodbye To In 2016, Not Including Our Dignity

2016 wasn’t a complete wreck, right? Ok, it was. We admit it. If the thought of the past year is too much for you to bear, we recommend checking out the list of everything happening in 2017 to help lift your spirits. What with all of the political debacles and social unrest, we’re just surprised the sun even still rises. In case you want to know exactly what you saw for the last time, here’s the list of everything we bid farewell to in 2016.

Beauty and Fashion


While trends always come and go, there are some things that should just get their five minutes of fame and leave. 2016 was the year people finally realized that over-highlighting is no longer a fad, but an international problem. While chokers are still somewhat in, it’s become acknowledged that maybe they shouldn’t look like neck braces.

Closing of Stores

Sports Authority announced that it’s closing all of its stores, having filed for bankruptcy in the spring. Walmart, American Eagle, Macy’s and Ralph Lauren, though not going out of business, are closing down quite a chunk of their store locations.



Britain left the European Union early this year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the worst political event to happen in 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Candidacy

While we were so close to achieving a female presidency, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. In the meantime, I’m still hoping Michelle changes her mind about running.

The End of Obama’s Presidency

While you might not agree with his politics, you have to admit that Obama helped shatter the glass ceiling and that both Barack and Michelle have raised the standard for dynamic White House duo. At least we have Obama-Biden memes to keep forever.

Ohio’s 20-Week Abortion Ban Law

Whether or not you think that abortion is a choice, there are currently 18 states that ban, in some form, abortion. The 18th state to do so, Ohio recently passed a law that bans abortions after 20 weeks. This means that women who are found too late to have a birth defect with their unborn child will have to travel out of state in order to go through with an abortion. The law also doesn’t make exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal complications.

Celebrity News

Celebrity Deaths

2016 was the year in which Prince, Christina Grimmie, David Bowie, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher passed away all too soon. All made tremendous impacts on the industries they worked in, from film to music, and each of them is survived by the pivotal work they left behind.

Celebrity Breakups

Amidst all of the marriages and romantic get-togethers, 2016 brought on some brutal celebrity breakups. While some couples used to be #relationshipgoals, like Brangelina, now they’re just one of 2016’s scars.

Celebrity Marriages

2016 officially took Russell Wilson, Patrick J. Adams, Ne-Yo, Michael Phelps, Joel Kinnaman, and Steven Yeun off the market. And there went our chances.


End of Vine

Twitter announced in October that it’s cutting the Vine app after three years. While users will still be able to access and download their six-second videos, no one will be able to upload. Many social media stars like Lele Pons and Cameron Dallas, who rose to fame through the app, have now turned to YouTube or Instagram to continue creating their content.


End of One Direction and Fifth Harmony

Zayn Malik dramatically left 1D in 2015 and it wasn’t until a year later that One Direction went on a “hiatus.” Fifth Harmony seems to be following in their footsteps as Camilla Cabello announced her exit in mid-December. It didn’t end well for One Direction and the girl group might not be spared. Is Little Mix next?

Ending Shows

American Idol’s final season premiered on January 2016 with Trent Harmon as the winner. Teen Wolf is set to debut its sixth season and then its goodbye to our favorite werewolves. Pretty Little Liars officially finished filming in 2016 and its last season will debut in 2017.

TV Deaths

From the murders of Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead to Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries, Robin Hood from Once Upon A Time, 2016 took away some of our favorite characters on TV. And we want them back.

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