5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nick Viall

Today is the day. Nick Viall will say goodbye to being the sad loser of Bachelorettes past and instead say hello to 30 women trying to win his heart (and the 15 minutes of fame we all deserve in life). It’s been a long time coming and there’s definitely been drama (remember that time Chad Johnson ripped him a new one when Viall was announced as the new Bachelor?), but we feel confident that ol’ Nick here will give us quite a season. Not only did he promise that the fantasy suites were going to be poppin‘, but the contestants also look pretty wild.

Haven’t heard about them yet? Meet the 30 women vying for that final rose here here:

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Then check out five things you didn’t know about Nick Viall but should before tonight’s premiere.

He’s older than most past bachelors.
While the majority of his contestants are barely old enough to drink, Nick Viall is one of the oldest bachelors to date, coming in at age 36. The last Bachelor, Ben Higgins, was only 26 years old, while Chris Soules was 33 and Juan Pablo was 32. Maybe he’ll be more mature than the rest of them?

Nick Viall

His drink of choice is whiskey.
My kind of man! During an interview with Good Morning America in September, Viall confirmed that his drink of choice is whiskey on the rocks. That explains all that hair on his chest.

He was once a track star…
…hence the abs. Viall obviously looks athletic (just look at that body!), but it was recently confirmed that he actually is an athlete. According to the Tap Milwaukee Journal, Viall used to run track and field during his years at Milwaukee High School. Exercise does the body goooooood.

Nick Viall

He’s friends with a ton of the other contestants.
Aside from being close with the rest of the housemates on Bachelor in Paradise, Viall also still keeps in contacts with the majority of guys from both seasons of The Bachelorette. Not gonna lie, that’s pretty big of him. When you spend weeks vying for the attention of a woman along with 30 other dudes and you’re still able to be friends with them, that says a lot about your character.

He’s used to competing.
Not only has Nick Viall had his heart broken on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, but he also comes from an abnormally large family, meaning he’s used to fighting for what he wants before anyone else has the chance to take it. Having 10 brothers and sisters can really increase your need for competition, right Nick?

Nick Viall













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