How To Wake Up Every Morning Without Hitting Snooze

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to maintaining both a balanced life and healthy body… which is much easier said than done! With insane class and work schedules in college and as a young adult, making time for sleep often gets brushed aside. There just aren’t enough hours in a day and so many other things you’d rather be doing, right?

Unfortunately, this attitude isn’t great for staying healthy and alert–if you want to perform well in school and at your job, getting enough sleep is critical. If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting up in the morning, these tips and tricks will definitely help you embrace your sleep time and wake up refreshed every morning.

1. Cut out screen time.


We’re stimulated all day long, whether it’s reading textbooks on your tablet or staring at your laptop all day at work. An hour before you want to fall asleep, shut off the TV, switch to a paperback book and put your phone on airplane mode so you won’t get distracted.

2. Create a soothing sleep environment. 


If you have trouble falling asleep, take your bedroom into consideration. It’s hard to really customize your dorm room, but invest in a lavender eye pillow, scented diffusers, noise-canceling headphones or a sleep mask to make your sleep time as relaxing as possible.

3. Meditate.


If you really struggle with falling asleep, check out some guided meditations on YouTube. Most of them are less than twenty minutes long, and chances are you’ll be asleep before it’s over. The combination of a soothing voice and mellow background music will hopefully hypnotize you into a deep sleep.

4. Try a natural sleep aid. 


If you have trouble staying asleep, try checking out a sleep aid like melatonin. It’s all natural and you can buy it pretty much everywhere. Take some if you know you have a particularly busy day tomorrow, as opposed to having it become a nightly ritual.

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