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Both Hillary And Bill Clinton Are Planning To Attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Bill & Hillary Clinton Trump's Inauguration

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If there’s one thing we were glad to leave behind in 2016, it was everything surrounding the presidential election. Between the toxic and incessant media coverage, the horrifying debates that managed to get worse as they continued, and Donald Trump’s eventual win, we were thrilled to say goodbye to an event that was shoved down our throats more than we thought was necessary.

Sadly, things only got worse after Trump successfully won the title of President-elect, when Clinton supporters started a petition in hopes of finding a loophole that would grant the 69-year-old a final victory. Unfortunately her supporters felt yet another blow when Trump was officially selected by the Electoral College to be the next President of the United States.

During the weeks following the tumultous election, Hillary Clinton maintained a relatively low profile, and rightfully so. Sometimes you need to lick your wounds in peace. But in a shocking twist of events, the former presidential candidate is planning on making appearance at the most unlikeliest of events — during Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

According to government aides, Hillary Clinton will be in attendance at Trump’s inauguration along with her husband, Bill Clinton. The announcement comes shortly after former President George W. Bush’s office said that he would also be attending with former first lady, Laura Bush.

“They are pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power — a hallmark of American democracy — and swearing-in of President Trump and Vice President Pence,” the statement said.

It’s standard practice for former presidents to attend inaugurations, but until today, Jimmy Carter was the only president who publicly announced that he would be attending the even on January 20.

Honestly, we’re pretty surprised by the news, especially considering Trump’s recent tweets about the politicians. Are you? Sound off in the comments below.

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