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Tinder Saves Daters From Regrettable Drunk Texts In 2017, Deletes Tons Of Users’ Matches

Tinder Rules


If you spent the better half of your 2016 swiping right on Tinder, you may have noticed that all of your hard work was completely diminished come January 2, 2017. The reason? Tinder decided to give daters a fresh start in the new year by deleting all of their matches prior to that date. While it might sound like a good thing — you can finally forget about that f*ckboy who keeps saying he wants to take you on a date but never, ever actually takes you on one — many users were crushed by the news.

…you get the picture. Many flocked to social media to beg Tinder to get their act together and fix the problem ASAP.

Sadly this isn’t the first time Tinder f*cked over its users. Back in November, the company did the same exact thing, but all matches were restored the following day. While this might be a genuine glitch, we have a feeling the move was on purpose. New year, new you, new Tinder matches, am I right?


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