The One Day of the Year You’re Most Likely to Cheat on Your Guy Is Approaching


New year, new man doesn’t only apply to ladies who are tired of one night stands. Apparently those in committed relationships are also prone to look for a new guy in January.

According to the dating website Gleeden — which was created for married women looking to cheat on their husbands (think Ashley Madison for females) — there’s a specific day that activity on the site increases dramatically.

That day is the second Monday in January, meaning January 9 of 2017.

A Gleeden spokesperson revealed to The Sun:

“On Monday January 11, 2016, the site also recorded an increase in registrations of more than 320 percent. This trend is observed throughout the month of January.“

And apparently this is no big shocker. Director of Communications at Gleeden, Solene Paillet, told Daily Mail:

“By registering with Gleeden or spending more time on the online platform, members are seeking a means to inject a little excitement into their everyday life… Routine may weigh down on individuals, or be rather oppressive when it follows extended periods devoted to family life. This is the result of a legitimate human need: to have fun and think of oneself.”

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It does make sense that a girl is going to wait until after the holidays to screw up her life. But cheating or starting an affair on January 9th? Now officially tacky.

Don’t become another statistic, ladies.

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