Former Beauty Queen Lives A Life Of Luxury By ‘Working’ As A Sugar Baby

Sugar babies might have a bad rep, but Jeanemarie Almulla — a former beauty pageant competitor and self-proclaimed feminist who travels the world one another man’s paycheck — gives zero f*cks.

The 25-year-old Floridian lives a very extravagant lifestyle thanks to a loyal band of sugar daddies who take her out for expensive meals, fly her out on last-minute vacays, and even hand her stacks of cash without question.

Despite the judgment she gets from onlookers, Almulla says she doesn’t feel bad about her life choices, claiming that she’s just making the most of her “looks and intelligence.” She even encourages other women to take advantage of the same.

“I have no problem with working hard, but I’d rather work smart,” she explained. “Men are supposed to be caregivers and take care of women.”

Almulla, who speaks three languages and has a degree in International Relations, says she has no interest returning to a “normal” lifestyle after experiencing the lap of luxury.

“My friends pick me up on their jet ski and take me to their yacht parties – how could I ever work in an office after that? Being a sugar baby is just knowing that you are valuable,” she said, adding that contrary to popular belief, the relationship she has with each of her sugar daddies isn’t strictly sexual. “These guys don’t want sex;  if they did, they would go to an escort or a prostitute. They want conversation, they want someone that they can go to dinner with.”

She continued, “Why shouldn’t they help you? A lot of people confuse it with prostitution. A prostitute is someone who shows up, does a job, takes money and leaves. A sugar baby is nothing like that, a lot of the time sex isn’t involved, it’s not expected.”

Instead, Almulla says she sees these guys as her friends.

“You just have a friend who helps around and takes care of you. You go to nice dinners and you go on private planes and you go on yachts, you go to cool parties and you have awesome designer bags and it’s fun,” she said, adding that she knows what it’s like to be broke AF.

“I know what it’s like to have nothing. I have lived in my car. When I first got to Miami, I came here with nothing. I’ve lived in Lebanon and got to teach Palestinian refugees English for a non-government organization. So to now be able to sit in my Jacuzzi and look at the beautiful scenery, is like a dream come true.”

Almulla says she first considered becoming a sugar baby in 2015 after splitting from her husband, but when friends introduced her to the lifestyle, she had some reservations.

“At first, I was like, honestly I’m not going to do this, I don’t believe in it but it honestly sabe my life. It sounds stupid to people but I had nothing,” she explained. “I’d just graduated from Florida State University and I had debt up to my eyeballs and nowhere to go.”

On her first date with a sugar daddy, she was handed $1,000 to “start over.”

“I realized this is one guy and there are hundreds of other guys in Miami who will find me attractive, take me out to dinner and want to help me. You just have to love yourself and follow your dream. If you are sitting at that 9-5 job and you hate your life, quit it because when you do what you love, life is fun.”

And it’s exceptionally fun when everything is paid for by some random rich dude.


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[H/T: Daily Mail]