This Teenage Makeup Artists Can Craft Literal Works Of Art On Your Eyelids

Crafting the perfect cat eye can be an incredibly difficult task, but not for Stefania Atupe, an aspiring makeup artist who can literally craft your eyelid into a work of art.

The 16-year-old London native initially started experimenting with animal-inspired eyeshadow looks, but recently she tried to step things up a notch by recreating famous works of art on her eyelids.

“I created the looks using Nyx colorful liners as well as some eye shadows I had lying around at home,” she told Mashable“When I posted the peacock design onto twitter, a girl actually messaged me and said that it reminded her of a Van Gogh piece, and since I absolutely love Van Gogh I decided I would try out Starry Night.”

She continued, “I then just sat down and spent a good hour and a half just recreating the look, slowly outlining it and developing the colors! It took really long as there’s so many different colors, and I really wanted to try get all the same colors and patterns as in the original painting.”

Recreating pieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Hokusai’s The Wave, the final looks are nothing short of mesmerizing. Check them out:

Wow, I can’t even put on mascara without it getting under my eyes. So kudos, Stefania Atupe! Your work is magical.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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