Every Beauty Trend You’re Going To See In 2017

The beauty of 2016 brought were a combination of beautiful and questionable. It was the year of the big pout, as Kylie’s lip kits helped set off an international trend. We couldn’t un-see the penis eyeliner, we cringed as girls put on a hundred layers of foundation and nail polish, and we were inspired when Alicia Keys went makeup-free during a major event. So what can we expect to see in the new year? Brow tattooing, rose gold hair and more.

Check out our full list of beauty trends you’ll see come 2017 below.

Beachy Waves


We got major surfer vibes from a ton of models who walked the runway during New York Fashion Week, and honestly, we’re pretty grateful. A tousled beach wave is perfect for the girl who’s not interested in spending 3o minutes blowing out their hair, but still wants to give their locks some volume. Sign us up.

Brow Tattooing


While we’re no stranger to eyeliner tattoos, we were a little more cautious about eyebrow ink. Though it’s been around since 2015, the brow tattooing trend is still going strong and not going anywhere anytime soon. Using a precision acupuncture needle, microscopic hair strokes are weaved through your natural brow hairs in order to follow your natural shape. It’s a pretty steep price and requires retouching every nine-to-twelve months, but imagine how much time you’ll save not having to reach for your brow pencil every morning.

Chrome Nails


Great for checking our reflection. To get in on this trend, try Urban Outfitter’s Hologram Nail Polish, available in black or silver.



This makeup trend was seen all over runways during Fashion Week. Models had their blush stretching from their cheeks to the sides of their eyes. If it’s a little dramatic for you, just try dusting blush a little higher than normal.

Food as the New Beauty Product


Maybe a sign that we’re running out of ideas? Inspired by Raychel Newton, who used Thanksgiving leftovers in her makeup tutorial, a colorist at Abed & Samer has since gone viral for using Nutella as hair dye. Safe enough to eat, safe enough to mix in our hair, right?

Glitter Strobing


The holidays’ newest trend, glitter strobing is the alternative to contouring. To get the look, highlight your brow bones and bridge of your nose with a shimmery highlight. Then, keep your blush, bronzer, and powders matte. Try MAC Cosmetics’ Strobe Cream if you just want to keep it simple.

 Natural, Textured Hair


Put away the straightener, because now’s the time to embrace your hair’s natural texture and volume. During this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, they definitely embraced minimalism, and we noticed.

Rose Gold Hair


Balayage is officially over. The hair to match the iPhone, Rose Gold-toned hair has been seen on celebrities and beauty bloggers alike, and now it’s time for you to try the trend. Ask your colorist for pink tones on the bottom and deeper tones at the top.

Two-Tone Lips


Color-blocking in makeup form. Somewhat of an ombre effect, apply a dark color on top with a lighter shade on your lower lip. It’s perfect for a sultry night out.

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