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The 5 Best YouTuber & Makeup Brand Collaborations

Nikkietutorials power of makeup collab


In recent years, beauty vloggers have become our go-to when we need quick and easy expert-level beauty tips to elevate our look. Cosmetics companies have taken notice and now it seems like all of our favorite YouTubers have worked with big name beauty brands to create one of a kind products, most of which seem to have sold out at one point or another.

While the best-known collab is probably Jaclyn Hill and Becca’s Champagne Pop highlighter collection, tons of other vlogger and cosmetics company collabs are now staples at Sephora. Not only do vloggers get to live every beauty lover’s dream, but fans of the artists get to support their favorite makeup gurus and rock custom cosmetics as well.

Check out our favorite collabs below: