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Molly Winker Volunteers For Best Friends Animal Society And Plays With Kittens All Day, Umm Sign Me Up


Molly Winker

It’s a new year, and although I like to think I don’t need to make any resolutions because I’m already ~flawless,~ I’m starting to think doing some volunteer work wouldn’t be such a bad idea. After sitting down with Miss COED 2017 semifinalist, Molly Winker and getting to know her a bit better, I learned that she volunteers with an organization called Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS). Not only is the name adorable AF, but she also gets to hang out with animals all day – feeding them and playing with them – and most importantly, keeping them out of danger. BFAS is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary for companion animals.

Read on below to learn more about Best Friends Animal Society, and be sure to check back again next week as we get to know each of our semifinalists a bit better. Oh, and don’t forget to look into your local BFAS. 😻

What exactly is Best Friends Animal Society and how did you first get involved?

Best Friends Animal Society is an organization with the largest no-kill animal sanctuary for companion animals. The goal of Best Friends is to eliminate killing in shelters and find homes for all homeless pets. They have adoption centers around the country. They also hold walks and super adoption events in cities across the country. The sanctuary is actually in Kanab, UT, so about five hours outside of Salt Lake City. I’ve never been there, but I volunteer at the Pet Adoption Center in Salt Lake City! I first got involved because of my passion for animals by volunteering at a super adoption event. Since then, I’ve been volunteering with the cats at the Pet Adoption Center. 

What’s your favorite part about the organization?

My favorite part of the organization is that they aim big. Their goal is to stop killing in shelters and find homes for all pets. They put in huge amounts of effort to make it happen, and even in the past few years, I can see the results of the strides they’ve taken.

How often do you volunteer?

I volunteer once every couple weeks. I used to go in at least once a week, but I’ve been busy trying to graduate this year!

What are your tasks when you volunteer?

When I volunteer with the cats, I get to do a variety of things. I feed them, I take care of their litter boxes, and I bring the cats out of the towers to give them active time and play.

Do you have any pets of your own?

I have a kitten named Schmidt. I live alone and he keeps me company. He follows me everywhere I go and loves attention. He’s pretty much my best friend. Not to mention, he gives the best cuddles when it’s bed time! I also have two beautiful cats back in Minnesota named Wilson and Shadow, who I helped pick out when we adopted them!

Tell me anything else you’d like me or our readers to know about BFAS!

If you’re interested in helping Best Friends Animal Society with their mission check out their website They hold events in places that they don’t have adoptions centers at, so check to see if you have any in your area! If you haven’t heard of Amazon Smile, it donates proceeds from your purchases to a charity of your choice. I always purchase through Amazon Smile to donate to BFAS. 

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