Keep Your New Year’s Resolution On Track With These Healthy Dessert Recipes

“Healthy dessert” might seem like a contradiction, but you can have a treat and keep your diet, too. It’s unrealistic to completely give up sugar, so your best bet is to indulge once a day and opt for natural sugar, like fruit juice or no-sugar-added products.

Or take things into your own hands and make your own diet-friendly desserts! This way, you’ll know exactly what goes into them, and have more control over the amounts of sugar and fat. Being able to make a worth’s week of treats at once will also (hopefully) help you out with portion control and meal planning.

Now that you’ve totally committed to your New Year’s diet, keep your sweet tooth in check with healthy desserts. You’ll curb your sugar craving, and won’t feel any of the guilt. Here, seven of our favorite recipes.

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