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5 Beauty Accessories That Will Change Your Makeup Forever

best beauty makeup accessories


In the world of makeup, the tools are just as important as the products. Makeup gurus dedicate tons of time and research to finding the right brush, blender, or applicator to ensure the most efficient use of the products. In a world with free shipping and countless products, it can be overwhelming to determine what will actually make a difference in everyday makeup application.


These five products fall under the “everything you never knew you needed” category. You may not know it now, but having a tabletop vanity mirror will make your mornings a little more lit… literally.

It’s worth the cost to invest in an item that will leave you a little extra time to enjoy your early A.M. coffee or get a more cost-effective use of your products. The following roundup showcases the essentials to improve your step-by-step makeup process.

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