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These Are The 7 Best Face Serums For Absolutely Flawless Skin

7 Best Face Serums

iS Clinical/Sephora

A flawless complexion is something that we all strive to achieve. However, a combination of external factors, genetics and unfortunately, budget, often holds many of us back from perfect celebrity-worthy skin. But luckily for you and I, modern cosmetics have made it possible to easily combat acne, dry skin and enlarged pores, all in the form of serums.

Face serums are one of the hottest trends on the beauty market and there are dozens available in-stores and online right now, making it difficult to decide which one is best for you. So we scoured Internet reviews and even tested a few out ourselves (I use the Perricone MD Skin Perfecting Serum and iS Clinical Active Serum on a daily basis and they have literally changed my life… or my skin, rather) for some of the best face serums on the market.

Check out our 7 favorite face serums—some target specific problem areas (like acne, wrinkles or dehydrated skin) and others that brighten your complexion overall—in the photo gallery below.


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