50 “Never Have I Evers” That Will Definitely Spice Up Any Party

Election Drinking Game 2016


Let’s be honest — no one likes the person who comes into a game of “Never Have I Ever” with “Never have I ever left the country.”


However, there’s no better conversation starter than an amazing “Never Have I Ever” and the person you least expected to try to put their finger down without anyone noticing.

To make sure your next party isn’t a total snoozefest, keep a couple of these ideas up your sleeve. Drinking games were meant to be fun, after all.

Who knows? Some of these questions may lead to new experiences (and not being able to use these ideas again).

50 Best “Never Have I Evers”

1. Had sex with a third person in the room

2. Crashed a wedding

3. Had parents walk in on me during sex

4. Walked in on my parents having sex

5. Used a household object as a sex toy

6. Hooked up with someone who had a boyfriend/girlfriend

7. Hooked up with someone who was married to someone else

8. Gotten a tattoo while blacked out

9. Been in handcuffs (for any reason)

10. Given or received road head

11. Done a body shot

12. Had sex with someone without knowing their name

13. Taken Plan B (or been with a girl who had to take it)

14. Deleted a post on social media because it didn’t have enough “likes”

15. Seen an uncircumcised penis IRL

16. Called someone the wrong name in bed


17. Gone on a blind date

18. Gone on a date with someone from a dating app

19. Hooked up with someone I met on a dating app

20. Seen someone I talked to on a dating app IRL without intending to

21. Had sex in my/my partner’s parents’ bed

22. Taken someone’s virginity

23. Had sex in public

24. Farted during sex

25. Been to a strip club

26. Secretly hooked up with a friend’s ex

27. Dined and dashed

28. Paid for sex

29. Masturbated at someone’s house

30. Had a threesome

31. Been part of an orgy

32. Had sex with two different people without showering in between

33. Done anal


34. Fallen asleep while getting a blowjob

35. Ended up drunk lying on the street in my underwear

36. Woken up next to someone and had to ask if we had sex

37. Peed myself/wet the bed as an adult

38. Paid for sex

39. Got paid for sex

40. Done cocaine

41. Look at my asshole in the mirror

42. Licked a butthole

43. Peed in the shower

44. Had a condom break

45. Had a condom get stuck inside a girl

46. Had period sex

47. Hooked up with a friend’s sibling

48. Gone to a sex shop

49. Pegged someone

50. Been pegged


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