Spotify Offered Barack Obama A Job Post-Presidency

President Barack Obama may be leaving the White House behind at the end of the month, but he has no shortage of things to do once his term ends. Music streaming service Spotify just posted a position for the President of Playlists, and we’re guessing that they want the 44th President of the USA to fulfill the role. Some of the job requirements include:

  • Have at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation.
  • Have good relationships with a wide range of artists and musicians. Ever had Kendrick Lamar play at your birthday bash? We’d love to hear about it!
  • Someone with good team spirit, excellent work ethic, a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Check out the full job listing below.

    President Obama once joked about “still waiting for [his] job at Spotify,” because “I know y’all loved my playlist.” The White House created a Spotify account in 2016 and released a President’s Summer Playlist with a day and night version, along with a 2016 Summer Playlist by Joe Biden.

    If you think you’re fit for the role, click apply to send a resume and cover letter, but just remember that you’re up against a pretty strong candidate.

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