Get Some Much-Needed Style Inspo With Our #OOTD Series

The saying may be that “life comes at you fast,” but if we’re being completely honest, mornings tend to come at you even faster. Between a lack of sleep, rushing to work every damn day, internships, and tons of other obligations (not to mention having a social life), it can be difficult to get out of bed, let alone plan an Insta-worthy #OOTD. Just the idea of having to rummage through a closet full of clothes and empty of actual options is enough to press snooze one more time.


Getting dressed is tough, but Instagram serves as a perfect starting point for fashion inspiration, a guide to planning what exactly will be a chic and comfy outfit for work or school. As we’ve explored our very own outfits of the day, we’ve had the chance to give and receive some super helpful style inspo… And we’ve found some adorable items along the way.

For example, as the weather gets colder it takes true resourcefulness to find clothes that are both functional and fashionable. CultGaia is a major key with their fashionable earmuffs, which we’re obsessed with. Not only do they work as earmuffs, but they can also be transformed into a bow or a scarf. They’re flexible, warm and chic.

Not only do clothes have to be useful, but they have to be affordable and high-quality. On a college student and/or intern’s budget, it can be tough to find fashionable pieces that don’t break the bank. Luckily, Wet Seal had us covered with their trendy silk bomber jacket, adorable accessories and high volume of wardrobe staples.

Finally, it’s always important to display some school spirit and a little personality. Nothing is better than a high-quality bag that can do both, and our new fave purse from Dooney & Bourke does exactly that.

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