The Evie Blender Is Here To Save Your Beauty Routine

If you haven’t already heard, the new Evie Blender is taking the makeup world by storm. Created by Angie Johnson, a film and TV makeup artist, the new blender is guaranteed to change the way you apply makeup.

The Evie Blender is made from hypoallergenic silicone and doesn’t absorb makeup in the same way that foam blenders do. This means that we’ll get more use out of our makeup and it’ll be way easier (and more sanitary) to clean the blenders. Not only does it blend more seamlessly, but it’s also unable to cause reactions and will save the skin from the breakouts that plague dirty or uncleaned brushes and sponges.

The blender is easily cleaned with a makeup wipe, warm water or soap. It lasts for a year with proper care, according to the brand’s website. This means that an Evie Blender, which currently retails for $28, will last longer than brushes (which need cleaning and replacing) or a traditional sponge (which should be replaced after a bit of use and cleaning) for a fairly inexpensive price. It’s affordable and eco-friendly.

Johnson told Hello Giggles:

“I used sponges and beauty blenders and my co-workers used them as well,” she explains, before adding, “I got so frustrated that I would use them once and then they would look stained so quickly. I’d see artists throwing them away and I thought about how much waste that created.”


Don’t throw out your stipling brush or drugstore beauty sponge quite yet, though!

The project surpassed their goal of $28,000 on Kickstarter by over $15,000. The Evie Blender backer that donated will begin to be shipped their blenders in March. There are a few months left before the product actually begins production.

The Evie Blender’s patent is still pending, but for updates on the latest in the beauty tool’s evolution, the brand can be followed on Instagram or Twitter.

Make sure to get your orders in now. We have a feeling demand will be high. Come March, our Evie Blender will be waiting right at the door.

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