For $420.50, You Can Replicate Kylie Jenner’s Makeup

As we all know, Kylie Jenner is no stranger to luxury. It comes as no surprise that her daily makeup routine is worth more than some people’s monthly car payments.

If you’re looking to duplicate her look, make sure you allot plenty of time to saving up. Most of the products she uses don’t come cheap. The perk, however, is that the products are high-quality, long-lasting and perfect for any selfie-snapping opportunities.


Occasionally, Kylie Jenner combines two of the things that continually boost her celebrity: Snapchat and makeup. Her recent Snapchat makeup tutorial made its way to YouTube and you can watch it here to get a visual of how to apply the products featured. Check out this list of the specific products that make up Kylie Jenner’s makeup routine and where to get them… After a lot of saving up!

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